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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 26, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mitt-loaf. >> oh, you're from sea ♪ to shining sea >> cenk: that might have been the worse thing i ever heard. i also have advice for the president. what to do in the last 11 days to cinch the deal. and then what does the romney tune do? they do it again. they go racist again. >> frankly when you take a look at colin powell you have to wonder if that's an endorsement based on issues or whether he has a slightly different reason for preferring president obama. >> cenk: what reason would that be? >> yeah, i got a pretty good idea. we'll show the wholly in a little bit. then the republicans are terribly offended by this ad. >> my first time voting was amazing. before i was a girl, now i am a woman. i pulled back the curtain.
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i voted for barack obama. >> cenk: but there is a twist to that story. i can't wait to shove that in the republicans' face. do you know what time it is? it's showtime. >> cenk: all right, let's be honest. it's panic time. mitt romney is winning on the national level. on the popular vote. this is a collection of votes that the "huffington post" does, 47.3% to 46.9%. when you look at the margin of error, he is winning. when you look at other politics, there you have 47.9%-to-47.0%.
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i thought barack obama would win the popular vote and the college electoral vote. this morning as i looked a the those numbers. that's not one poll. that's a combination of polls. there is some chance now that president obama loses the popular vote, which is amazing. why is that the case? president obama had to do these things. one was the other guy sucks check. we got that. i mean, he hammered romney and did it effectively. number two we didn't do that bad over the last few years. we could have done better but it was a mess in the first place. i think he has done a fairly good job presenting that story. that's a check. but here is the third thing things will get much better over the next four years. that's a case that president obama has not made that effectively or sometimes at all. the other guy is really bad. we're in the middle here. let us finish the job but there
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is no overwhelming case, if you elect me again boy things will get much better. brian williams asked him about it on rock center. look at his luke warm answer here. >> would you be prepared to enact truly major changes. >> the plan that i put forward with education with making college and job training accessible to people, to insure that our manufacturing base is right back here in the united states opposed to overseas. the work we've done in increasing oil and gas production and clean energy, putting americans back to work, including veteran veterans rebuilding roads and bridges. those are all designed to make sure we have more rebust future that that was not that good of an answer. hey look here are these numbers. this is why it's really important. when asked about the next four terms.
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the first team like the second, only 4% want that. that's a horrible number. expect major changes 62%. now, is president obama in that answer offering major changes? it doesn't sound like it. that's a big problem for it, and mitt romney is trying to capitalize on that. this is what he says on the campaign trail. >> this is a time when america faces big challenges. we have a big election. we have a president who bring big changes. i will and he won't. >> cenk: well, the president has 11 days. he has got to some how tell the american people, hey, don't worry, the next four years will be much, much better because we have great positive change on the way. i'm not sure that he can do that. it doesn't mean that he'll lose but it will help his case in the next 11 days. let me bring in my rowdy friends, michael shure, jayar jackson, ana kasparian we're all here. ben let me start with
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you. do you agree with this diagnosis or am i getting it a little wrong. >> as usual cenk, you're getting it a little wrong. yes, essentially. i wasn't listening to everything that you were saying. we've known each other for a long time. i'm tired of you. [ chuckling ] what the president is doing now we're not talking about policy but electoral strategy, it's correct. it's going well considering the difficult atmosphere that he's in. we keep taking polling snapshots and not looking at a broader polling picture which is largely unchanged since the movement of romney after the first debate. >> cenk: that movement was not good. to your point, ben as to the fact--i don't want people to get freaked out but there are positive numbers. let's start with a-25, actually. voter registration. in critical five swing states, guys, we have 95,000 more democrats than republicans that have registered in colorado,
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florida, iowa, north carolina and nevada. in those same five states democrats are beating the republicans i by 159,000. you know it's democrats opposed to republicans asking for absentee ballots. final number iowa, democrats have a 55,000-vote lead, it appears, based on those numbers. that's also a great situation. >> one thing you have to know about these states. if the president were to win the state of ohio, and if he were to lose florida and lose virginia and lose north carolina, even in that scenario, mitt romney would have to run through those states that you just mentioned. he would have to win four out of those five states and many of the scenarios that we put together, these numbers are really bad for that strategy that mitt romney has to complete complete. >> cenk: is anybody worried that he's going to lose the popular vote. >> you are i'm not worried. >> it's crazy not to be worried
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about it. there is a chance of it. even with the best-case scenario of his winning the popular vote, romney has a really good chance of winning the popular vote. i don't think that's anything that we would want for the country. that's a foolish system for that to happen twice. >> one thing to stay, teach israel congressman from new york put in this very interesting motion to add 29 electoral votes to the person who wins the popular vote. i don't know how they came up with the number 29, but it's really interesting because what it would do is it would incentivize people to win the popular vote from los angeles to new york, washington. >> cenk: and if there is anything that i learned both candidates love israel. hopefully not before the election. guys on the idea of obama not having made the case that the
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next four years are going to be much better, do you agree with that or do you think he has done better than i imagine. >> i definitely agree he has not made the case. he says the same types of things as he said in 2008. i got to focus on the students. i got to focus on women's reproductive rights. those are things that i truly believe he'll push for and he has made great changes when it comes to education but i want to hear about fiscal policy. that's where the majority of people want to see change. he's not focusing on that enough. he says we have to attack the wealthy more. what are you going to do to get congress to agree with you on that? >> cenk: honestly, if i was running i'd have locked up some wall street guys. >> no question. >> cenk: that would have helped him tremendously. we're going to do a whole segment on. but he's an establishment guy. >> the reason why they're powered about the popular vote, you need a mix of both sides.
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before we had obama had something to back it up. mitt romney he only has flower talk and no details. this time obama has all details but no way of saying it. i'm live to go a fantasy land you need a little bit of both. there is not a little bit of both to either one of these guys. >> that's funny. there is an inherent problem in saying we need change in the next four years when you've been in the guy in the last four years. >> cenk: it's structural. look at the polling numbers right? let's go to ohio first a-31. romney is losing by four points in ohio. and that's just one poll, the cnn poll, but a combination of polls still has president obama comfortably up. >> four polls in ohio two twos, a four and a five. >> cenk: then in nevada president obama has a three-point lead in nevada.
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if he leads in nevada and ohio, it's a no-brainer, he's a winner. the electoral college is on his side. on the other side, meat loaf is on romney's side. he's about to do one of the worst renditions i've ever seen of any song. let's watch. ♪ everybody sing ♪ america ♪ america ♪ god ♪ his grace on thee ♪ crown thy good ♪ from sea ♪ from sea ♪ to shining ♪ sea ♪ >> that--a couple of things to say. first of all he blew the lyrics point one, not the song.
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romney in the beginning, you could tell that meat loaf is going off the deepened, romney is frigid, if we let that video continue romney quickly moves to the other end. >> two points you made are good, two out of the three. >> cenk: i'm sorry i had to subject the audience to that. unbelievable. >> were they trolling his campaign? >> cenk: like they were trying to embarrass romney. romney normally looks like a robot, but here he is, i can't get out of here. >> it's not like bruce springsteen. i can't believe it. >> cenk: we'll leave that right there. when we come back we'll talk about well street. how obama should have gotten tough on 'em. we'll show how they hate him. but we'll show how well wall street did as well. we'll have a great guest for that. come back for that. >> he's smart, accomplished, in
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fact obama's last election and romney this election. it's all about the economy. >> cenk: then we got a great elbow for you try to guess it. it's somebody that's in the news but elbow comes from very surprising face. guess at @tytoncurrent. an informed electorate. our country's future depends on you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. take the time to learn about the issues. don't just vote, vote smart.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: president obama actually has been terrific to the bangersthe bankers as we're about to show you, but nevertheless they feel scorned. they did a fundraiser for mitt romney and here is our cnbc covered it. >> a big fundraiser for mitt romney today. for some that's a reversal of support from four years ago when they backed president obama. >> he's smart accomplished, and i backed obama the last
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election, and i'll back mr. romney this election. it's all about the economy. >> romney's message welcoming those in attendance including town thain wilbur ross and john catsmatidis. he said he needs to do more than save america but save america's soul. >> you're going to save america's soul using those fat cat bankers those ass who ruined our economy. who are you going to vote for unless you want to do the exact opposite than those idiots did when they crashed the economy in 2008. look at these numbers. these are amazing. s&p 500 up 80%. dow jones up 70%. that is the fifth best equivalent period since 1900. so terrific in that regard.
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how about corporate profits they're through the roof. under obama 77.9% increase. they have to be ecstatic with obama. but they're not. it's never enough. more more, more, more. and obama has the nerve to once slightly criticize them. this is what he said. >> did i not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on wall street. >> cenk: oh, my god how can he call them fat cats! you are fat cats! even if you think you're doing the right thing you're enormously wealthy. that's what a fat cat is. boo-hoo their feelings were hurt. the business who gave president obama $14.5 million in the last election cycle all of a sudden redirecting that money to mitt romney. romney has $18.3 million that he's raising from wall street, and president obama is down to $5.5 million, which is still a ton of money, but still
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$9 million less than he raised last time from wall street. in order to talk about this, etc. bring in an exert. bill cohen. he has best selling book "money and power: how goldman sachs came to rule the world" great to have you again. >> always great to be here. >> cenk: is it that stupid fat cat--i don't mean stupid by president obama but stupid because they have given such enormous weight, oh, calling them a fat cat, is that what ticked them off? financially they should love obama. >> well, you know, that's the irony. he calls them fat cats. he said he didn't want to help the fat cat bankers but he did. yes, the low on the dow was 6500 in march of '09. now it's twice as high, 13,000, what you didn't mention was that obama bailed out wall street
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without the bailout without the tarp without the trillions of dollars that the fed pumped through wall street, all those wall street firms could very well be gone. he saved those wall street firms. which means he saved their bonuses and billions of dollars in bonuses. you know wealthy firms payed out bankers and traders in the form of compensation. he did that, too. and then the reregulation of wall street, the dodd-frank, he signed it into law but it has never been implemented yet. and wall street has its clause in our these regulations will be rewritten. and there has been no criminal prosecution. i cannot believe given our behind obama has been to wall street they can't stand him. the truth is if you look at
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romney's numbers eight of the top biggest givers were wall street firms with goldman sachs being a million dollars on top of that. the last time goldman sachs was at the top of obama's list. >> cenk: is president obama making a mistake here. it might be too late but did he make a mistake these four years being overly kind to the wall street guys, no arrests all the bailouts in the world and they gave $10 million to his opponent any way. what was the point of all that? >> well, i mean, look, you have to recognize one thing. mitt romney is one of them is a wall street fat cat. founded bain capital, made hundreds of millions of dollars investing in private equity. wall street and bain capital have done tons of deals together. they've been scratching each other's backs for years. as a relative matter you have to expect that wall street will
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prefer mitt romney because he's going to be even kinder to wall street if imaginable than barack obama has been. i don't think if i was barack obama i would have done anything differently. he might have courted them a little bit more. he did have fundraisers that were not attended as well as they were four years ago. the overall feeling is anti-obama. they want romney in because he's one of them. i'm not sure what he could have done differently. >> cenk: i am, that's the thing. why not go in the other direction. knowing that they're not going to like you no matter what you do, and our politicians are obsessed with money. they're soaked with money. all they can think about is campaign money. they're going to lose to the other guy, give him a lot more money, why not do something incredibly popular with the population and get tough on the bankers. why didn't the so-called progressive president do that?
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>> well, that is a big question that i have. as a progressive former banker, i knew from the outset, cenk when you name tim geithner as treasury secretary and larry sumners as larry shapiro you're telegraphing to wall street that it's basically going to be business as usual and you're not going to change that much. he definitely should have been much tougher on prosecution. there should have been criminal prosecutions in this crisis, and he didn't allow that to happen. the fed in qe 1 qe 2 and qe 3 saying we're going to to keep interest rates low, and he should have been much tougher on dodd-frank. it's not a good piece of legislation. they needed a real piece of legislation to get tough on bangers, and that did not happen either.
4:23 pm
i wish he had done what you said, but unfortunately he didn't do that. we knew it from the outset. >> cenk: bill, one quick thing here as usual as we get in those conversation we're stuck between a rock and a hard place because there was a name floated who might have been treasure secretary under mitt romney, and it was john thain. it's mind boggling. no matter how frustrated we are with obama romney is going to be worse with how solicitous of wall street he's going to be. >> the other name i heard potentially is jamie dimon. one of those reads across the aisle names. you have the head of jpmorgan chase as treasury secretary that again is a signal of restoring the status quo as quickly as possible on wall street. any possibility of meaningful change will go out the window. >> cenk: bill cohan, thank you for joining us on "the young
4:24 pm
turks." we appreciate your expertise. when we come back john suununu once again. here is his racism once again. >> what what that be. >> i applaud colin for standing with him. >> cenk: this guy sickens me, man. then we have billionaire steve wynn and's trying to intimidate his employees as well, and he's also hurt by obama. >> guys like me are job creators, and we don't want a bull's eye painted on our back. the president is trying to put himself between me and my employees. >> how?
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[ male announcer ] use any citi® card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts. more events. more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with a citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now colin powell is part of the real politics branch of the republican party. they did not like the
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neo-conservative overreach of the administration so he wound up voting for barack obama in 2008. john mccain was aggressively pro war in middle east, and appeared to be headed in the wrong direction by colin powell. the same neo-conservatives have gone into the romney camp. so colin powell is behind barack obama again. >> he the president got us out of war, and did not get us in any new wars, i think we ought to keep on the track that we are on with respect to governor romney i have the utmost respect for him. but as i listen to what his proposals are, especially with respect to dealing with our most significant issue with the economy, it's cut taxes and compensate for that with other things. but that compensation does not cover all of the cuts intended
4:28 pm
or the new expenses associated with defense. >> cenk: so interesting intelligent comments about mitt romney foreign policy and domestic policy. but john sunuunu has a different idea why colin powell is backing barack obama. >> frankly when you take a look at colin powell. you have to wonder if that is based on issues or is there a slightly different reason for preferring barack obama. >> what reason would that be. >> when you have someone from your own race who is president obama, i applaud powell for standing for him. >> cenk: the neo-cons and the fact that powell is crossing the republicans--no, no, no. this is what he sees. he sees colin powell and barack
4:29 pm
obama, look at that, they're both black. that's a classic case of projection. he thinks us republicans, we vote based on race. if there is a black quite versus a white guy we vote for the white guy. that's what cool bin powell is doing, too. no colin powell has a brain. 's not a gut reaction racist like you john sunuunu. apparently he felt bad about this again this is the eighth time he has done it on the campaign trail specifically about race. he walked it back today and said i do not doubt it was based on anything but his support of the president's policies. expect when you said it was about race. >> he's miserable miserable guy, john sununu. and he's the living embodiment of that party of a thousand years ago. >> cenk: why are they doing
4:30 pm
this. if they send sununu out he at least three different times made racial attacks on the president. do they think they he have not shored up the racial vote yet. >> it has something to do him getting elect the. but after it's all done, once you say something and you say it to the people you wanted to say it to, saying later well, i didn't think it that way. it stays with them. taking it back does not take it back. >> no one reads that in his statement he released later. they all know that. is this effective political strategy? you got it. by the way, one of them is white, and the other is black. you have the racist vote. why keep doing this. >> their way of thinking, di i think they're wrong and i hope they're wrong. their way of thinking is let's put it out there so people don't
4:31 pm
have to secretly think it themselves and feel bad for it. >> cenk: that's interest. >> they're saying it's okay to think that. >> cenk: you got a former governor saying it, that's real interesting. >> it's legitimate any way. that's the thing. i don't think they feel any shame in it. he looked at colin powell and he sees a black general. he's from that part of the population that doesn't see a general but a black germ general. i think this are a lot of them in that party. >> i don't think it's a strategy. they want to deny the fact that there are people even among republicans, that don't like romney policies ideas. if you want to keep your head in the stand and say people are voting for barack obama because he's black. or he has the latino vote because he's minority. >> cenk: that's also interesting. maybe the idea is, look, you couldn't possibly vote for obama if you cared about policies or issues or results. only people who vote for him are blacks and latinos who are doing
4:32 pm
it based on race. maybe that's the dog whistle they want to send out there. there is one other thing i want to talk about. steve wynn owns a lot of casinos including the wynn in vegas. they've put out a pamphlet, a 67-page pamphlet in how to vote. it says the prefer candidates support policies that promote a friendly business and living environments to wynn resorts our approximately 12,000 employees and gaming industry as a whole. they're in nevada, which is a swing state. that's a wink, wink, nod, nod, vote our way or we might fire you. they didn't say who to vote for on the presidential ticket, but i don't know if you could figure it out in this report watch. >> i created 250,000 direct and
4:33 pm
indirect jobs. that's exactly--the number is 250,000. that's 250,000 more than this interest, who i'll be damned if i want to have him lecture me about small business and jobs. i'm a job creator. guys like me are job creators. we don't like having a bull's eye painted on our back and the president as tried to put himself between me an my employees. >> how. >> by class warfare. by deprecating and calling a group that makes money billionaires and millionaires who don't pay their share. >> cenk: wait a minute. you are billionaires and millionaires and you're paying one of the lowest tax rates in american history. by pointing out the reality putting me between me and my employees--because he goes on picnics with his employees all the time and obama has got in the way. >> did we figure out who he was running for? i think it was romney. >> what kills me, i bought that
4:34 pm
entire outfit. >> by losing all that money. >> i thought it was wayne newton. >> cenk: i think this might help obama. his employees employees are not stupid. oh the boss man wants me to vote for all the republicans who give him more breaks. >> the assumption that all of these employees worship at the feet of this guy and do whatever he says, there is probably a segment of them in up and middle management but the rank and file, perfect about it. >> guys who say guys like me are not guys who have a lot of friends. this mostly applies to me, cenk and michael because you don't gamble as much but between sheldon adelson and steve wynn. where is the patriotic american supposed to stay in vegas. >> you can go to atlantic city and stay stay at trump's.
4:35 pm
>> by the way steve wynn is an idiot who put his elbow through a $139 million picasso painting. you want to take his advice on anything? >> he's regular guy. >> i told my employees don't get between me and my picasso. when we come back, we're going to do our state by state breakdown, who is going to win who is going to lose, again surprising results here. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: well, we're going to give you the numbers on nevada who is winning and losing, republicans or democrats. really interesting. then later in the program in studio pauley shore on politics. >> do you think it's weird that obama got osama just the name.
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uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... ♪ [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. >> cenk: we're back on the u block where you have asked us to cover the senate races. michaelmichael shure is here. >> both congress people heller
4:40 pm
was named to the senate seat that was resigned by john ensign after his scandal. he is the incumbent although he has not served a full term. right now talking point memos poll tracker is showing 46-44% in favor of dean heller. that is a margin that has been closed as they were mentioning today, senator harry reid was in a car accident. he walked into the hospital after the accident, we should talk about him briefly. harry reid's machine that delivered him a victory against sharon engle last time is said to be responsible for delivering the presidency and possibly this senate seat because shelly berkeley was enshrouded in controversy. this is a berkeley-heller ad about berkeley obama and reid on the scene. >> shelly berkeley is listed in this year's list of most corrupt
4:41 pm
position. >> she used her office. >> to benefit her husband. >> the political cause and personal financial gain the line is fuzzy. >> cenk: so i'm always amused by these anti-corruption ads that republicans do. not because they're wrong. tess letter in montana takes a tremendous amount of lobbyist money. he's a democrat, and berkeley has these issues. but they constitutional corruption and then turn around and say, she's corrupted. >> she did work on some legislation that benefited her husband, a doctor. but what they've done is found that the runnings has not had traction in the state. >> it's nevada. >> align him her with obama align her with harry reid. this would be a pick-up. we've been talking about states
4:42 pm
that democrats are flirting with. if they win this, it's a pick-up. >> cenk: i'm disappointed that she's still behind. the corruption thing is an issue issue. >> she is flawed. >> cenk: there are a lot of latinos in nevada, high ununemployment. i don't know if they're blaming the democrats but they know that the republicans started it, and mr. family values who heller took over for ended up sleeping with his best friend's wife, etc. >> exactly. >> cenk: who do you think is going to win. >> i actually think that shelly berkeley is going to win. i think obama will win nevada and because of that berkeley will pull this out. she'll close the gap and that's where the momentum is, if there is any. >> now this poll tracker has this race, mccaskill up by nine points in this race. >> cenk: is it over? >> it's over. todd akin will not win this.
4:43 pm
claire mccaskill will hold onto it. and claire mccaskill saying i'm going to run just talking about todd akin. >> so she goes to washington, d.c. and it's a little bit like, you know, one of those dogs--fetch. she goes to washington, d.c. and gets all of these taxes red tape and bureaucracy and executive orders and agencies, brings all of this stuff, dumps it on us in missouri. >> cenk: he already has problems with female voters and then he calls her a dog. >> what i was trying to show, mccaskill that's what her strategy was just keep todd akin talking. that's what i'm referring to, and that's what he did. all you have to do when running against these people is let them do it for you. >> cenk: that seems to be good news. this was one that was in danger at the beginning of the season. the republicans were confident they were going to pick it up. now with a nine-point deficit
4:44 pm
and todd akin still talking it looks like it's over and the democrats will retain that. that's interesting. just a quick tweet jeffrey dodd said @tytoncurrent any way you guys can talk about this year's election. of course, none of these polls matter at all if you don't actually go and vote, then they're irrelevant. >> and if you don't like either of the two, there is gary johnson, rocky anderson just vote. >> cenk: what about maine. >> the republicans and the democrats pulled out independent former governor will be the senate where he caucuses, nobody knows. they think the democrats or he may not caucus can either of them. >> cenk: all right, when we come back pauley shore in the studio. he has very interesting political opinions. >> have you seen me in a movie lately? >> no. >> that's my problem. the economy screwed me. >> cenk: and there he is at the
4:45 pm
wall. i mean i'm curious about herman cain and all the conversation that he had. we'll be right back with pauley.
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but whether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks or jumping into the market he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things
4:48 pm
like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense from td ameritrade. >> cenk: now you may remember paulpauley shore, but you may may not know that he has done a lot of political movies. he did a movie about environmentalism, bio dome. and the justice system, jury duty. and the plight of the american farmer son-in-law. okay, none of those movies are political. but now he's doing something political now. it's called "pauley ticks." let's watch this clip here. >> there's a name for that, pimpin'. >> i want to know why so many
4:49 pm
women like to have sex with politicians. >> if i was caught in a sex scandal, no one would care. >> it's pauley shore, who cares. >> do you think that obama god owe sam. no, just the name. think about it. that is weird. isn't that weird? >> have you seen bio dome. >> why are you going there bro. what's up with that? >> never what's up, br oh o. >> be yourself. be pauley. >> right, right. >> cenk: all right pauley shore is in the studio. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> cenk: all these guys talk to you, what is your impression of herman cain and michael. >> they're really nice. >> mm-hmm. >> the focus on the special was--when americans and most people look at these people, look at the politicians, they speak this language that most people don't understand, so as
4:50 pm
the pro produceer-director i wanted to slow them down so i understood what the hell they were talking about and then the camera understood what the hell they were talking about. it's for people who aren't into it, and there a lot of people who are not into it. >> cenk: it's an interesting paradigm. of course they're nice in real life. i've talked to a lot of republican pundits. i'm on the same show, and they're nice. but at the same time, their policy is to cut taxes from the rich. they have to get it somewhere and a lot of times they get it from the middle class. did you reconcile that? >> it seems with the republicans, their big thing that they're bringing up is the economy screwed up and obama keeps bringing up the fact that the wars that george bush brought us into, and there's no weapons, nothing.
4:51 pm
it's like he doesn't--i don't know. >> cenk: did you walk away thinking, now that i've seen guys on both sides i'm clearer on my political position? >> no, for me personally i'm both. you know what i mean. >> cenk: how how, what does that mean? how are you both. >> the one thing that the republicans i think do bring up is the fact that they don't like victims. do you like a victim? someone who just-- >> cenk: i might want to help them. >> i'm talking of victims of people who are living off the system. >> cenk: you mean like bankers yeah i don't like them. >> have you ever watched msn lock up. there are a lot of people in there that they go to jail and they live off the system. >> cenk: well, they're in jail. they don't have a choice. >> but the point is that they--some people, they try to
4:52 pm
better themselves. as far as the republicans the bottom line is, i don't know, they have to--if you're really working to make yourself better, then you should. if you're living off the system then that's not good. it's a case by case. >> cenk: i totally agree. those wall street guys living off of us, and the bailouts, i can't stand them. i wish the republicans would get tough on them. >> and there are a lot of unemployment who continue to live off unemployment who don't try to better themselves. >> cenk: i have more sympathy for them. i was on unemployment for a while after i was laid off. >> i've been on unemployment for a long time. you haven't seen me in a movie. >> cenk: i hear you brother. sometimes we stay on it too long. but i'm much more worried about corporation who is are taking giant subsidies and living off
4:53 pm
of us. if you had to vote today, are you going to tell us who you're going to vote for. >> i know who i'm going to vote for. but i don't want to say who i'm going to vote for. >> cenk: is that a thing you don't want to alienate people. >> pretty much. because i know what i want. i know who i'm going to vote for. >> cenk: did you grow up in a democratic or republican family. >> i grew up on the sunset strip. you tell me. >> cenk: i'm guessing democrat. but that's not necessarily where you're going now. >> i like things about both parties. i think everybody does. >> cenk: out of all the guys we talked to, who is your favorite. >> i loved barney frank. >> cenk: he's fun. >> to me he could be a comic. but i liked herman cain. he likes to drink and he likes girls. what's better than that. >> cenk: and he's two layers deep as you would say. pauly, thank you for joining us.
4:54 pm
>> thanks. >> cenk: when we come back the elbow of the day. whose delivering it is a big surprise. you're going to love this one. come right back. without enough college graduates to fill them. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
4:55 pm
now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this?
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[ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis 6 speed manual, dual exhaust wide stance, clean lines have him floor it, spin it punch it, drift it put it through its paces is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. >> cenk: a popular young acting there's now star of "girls on hbo" and she decideed to do a votingedvoting ad for president obama. >> you want to do it with a great guy. someone who is beautiful. someone who cares about and understands women. my first time voting was amazing. it was the slight of a hand. first i was a girl, then i was a
4:57 pm
woman. i pulled back of curtain and i voted for barak obama. >> cenk: there is a sexual ewen doe in there. monica crowly said, you many of the sick things about this lose your virginity to barak ad, the left thinks it's empowering to women. how dare they. then ronald reagan. he would never refer to sex when voting. except when he said, i used to be democrat. and you pulled a lever when you voted. it hurt for a
4:58 pm
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